The tasks of a Greeter

The tasks of a Greeter

You are outgoing and open-minded, love Mannheim and want to share this enthusiasm with others? Then this is the right place for you.

Show Mannheim from your perspective …

A Greeter shares his personal approach to a city on a volunteer basis with his visitors – this means for free and after previous coordination. How often are you expected to do this? That depends on you – as much as you like and your free time allows you to. Furthermore, you can decide which visitors you want to take along with you on Greet. In many cases it is just a single person, maximum it will be a group of 6 people. After the Greet, you and your guests are kindly asked to give a short feedback via e-mail to Mannheim Greeter. This helps the network to gain valuable information for the future. In return, you learn more about your city and get to know interesting people from your own and also from other countries.

… or support the Greeter Concept

Of course you can also support the Mannheim Greeters by other means, such as spreading the idea, supporting the organization and providing material as well as financial donations.

We are very keen on receiving your suggestions.

You want to become a Greeter?

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